Summer Workshops

April 2021

As we move out of Covid restrictions we are able to plan small summer workshops again - finally!! - to give your child a fun introduction to ensemble music making.

Singing Workshop

10am-3pm (packed lunch needed) - £30


Session 1:

  • Vocal warm ups and diaphragm training with piano and games

  • Singing techniques and pitch recognition

  • Confidence building


Session 2:

  • Application of techniques learned in two songs

  • Solo and ensemble singing

  • Basic harmonies

  • Recorded performance

Drums and Guitar workshop

10am-12.30pm or 2pm to 4.30pm - £30


  • Bass drums, snares and cymbals

  • Basic rhythms

  • Easy improvisation and drum rolls

  • nifty tricks!


  • Electric and bass guitars

  • Basic chords

  • Strumming patterns

  • Guitar solos